Steve rosendale

"From my earliest days as an artist I began using film, television and magazines as source material for my work. This really came about as a matter of pure convenience because I found it increasingly difficult to get models to pose ... while I painted them … I began to rely more and more on film to provide the figures I needed for the paintings … I have spent countless nights sifting through hundreds of films to find the exact pose or image I am looking for.

I use the term 'Incidental' to describe the work, in that the use of film as subject matter is really secondary to the mood or feeling I am trying to convey. Film is simply a device that I manipulate to express the deeper, almost subconscious reasons for the choice of scene or figure ... The result is not unlike a film still but on transferring it to the canvas and manipulating various elements, the finished work will inevitably be filtered through the lens of my subconscious and imbued with the mannerisms of my personality."    -Steve Rosendale