Sally Kent is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne. Sally completed a Bachelor of Arts (Ceramic Design) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Art History and Film Studies at Monash University in 1996, followed some years later by a law degree. Despite the challenges of working as a lawyer and having small children, Sally continued her art practice in a quiet but dedicated fashion. She is now working solely as an artist in a studio in Prahran. Sally has exhibited her work regularly and has been a finalist in several awards, most notably the Clunes Ceramic Award (2010), the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize (2011) and the Manningham Ceramic Art Award (2017).

Sally works in stoneware and porcelain. Her work depicts the cycle of creation and death as a metaphorical agent of change and the exploration of what it means to be human. She employs archetypal shapes and objects of both life (eggs, seed pods) and death (urns, mummies). The use of the repeated forms that occur in both the natural world and in the human body seeks to express the inter-connectedness of all things and the relationship between humans and the natural world around us.