sally joubert

Melbourne-born artist, Sally Joubert, completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at Swinburne College. Since then, she has always displayed a strong, instinctive sense of colour and design.

The artist travelled to Japan and Europe between 1983 and 1985. She worked as a designer in London, before embarking on a 4-month painting course at Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence. After that, Joubert returned to Melbourne and immersed herself in painting and life classes. A return trip to Italy in 1989 facilitated her move into painting full-time. A year spent in New York in 2000 has urbanized many of her recent works.

With her trademark thick strokes and deft use of the palette knife, the artist almost carves the lines onto the canvas. Joubert injects fresh, immediate and vibrant doses of colour, giving her work its unique vitality.