karan hayman

Karan Hayman’s art practice focuses mainly on drawing, painting and printmaking.

Hayman lives and works on a small farm near Kyneton in Central Victoria. The surrounding landscape and what Hayman describes as “endless sky’s” have dominated and inspired her recent works. Hayman’s Paintings are an exploration of both her personal environment and the emotional states they inspire. Her carefully structured canvases are distinguished by their highly personalized and often surreal and whimsical approach. The works are palpably sensual. Flowing seascapes and landscapes ambiguous in an arresting and mysterious yet always warmly lyrical way.

“Hayman’s response to the landscape is an aesthetic one imbued with the sensitivity of an artist who feels the landscape as much as sees it”

-Dr Ashley Crawford   Arts writer and author of a number of books on Australian artists including Directory of Australian Art Craftsman House 2006.

Hayman Studied Fine Art at RMIT and went on to found and establish Roar Studios one of Melbourne’s first artist –run gallery and studio spaces, which opened in 1982 while Hayman was still at Art School. She went on to complete her Post Graduate studies at RMIT in 1992.

Karan has held several solo exhibitions in Australia including Tokyo and has been represented in numerous group exhibitions in cities around Australia and Tokyo.

Hayman’s work is held in the collections of the Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Bank, New Parliament House, Myer Collection, Gaden’s, Sangi Collection Tokyo and numerous private collections in Australia, Europe, Japan and USA.