Odeurs d'Hiver 100g

Coffret Odeurs d'Hiver - 2016.jpg
Coffret Odeurs d'Hiver - 2016.jpg

Odeurs d'Hiver 100g


Exclusive 3 Candle box set
Bethléem, Gabriel, Gaspard.

Three festive, captivating perfumed candles.

An angel, a bright star and a Magi King: Cire Trudon’s festive trilogy casts light on Christmas. Lined with gold foil, the candlelight flickers through the amber, celadon and taupe coloured glasses. In their wake, a festive fire crackles.

Art Deco inspired the boxes display either a trunk filled with myrrh for Gaspard, a guiding star for Bethléem or an angel for Gabriel.

Each candle further portrays a unique Nativity perfume: the spirit of a cashmere and chestnut infused fire celebrates guardian angle Gabriel; Mysore sandalwood and orange tree essences arise from the rich costume of an Indian Magi King; spiced and amber scents recall a faraway desert named Bethléem.

The three distinctive scents come in a gift set.

100g size burn time: 20 to 25 hours

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