The M A N I collection was inspired by the creativity of traditional Italian craftsmanship.
Fascinated by the vibrant colors,the scent,the nature and of course the “arte di vivere” of Italy, the stylist Britta Hermann moved from Hamburg to Tuscany in 2005 to continue researching the field of Italian Artisanal Handicraft.
Here, inspired by the Italian architecture and colors, she has been creating her first collection of hand-made living accessories, unique in their simplicity, and far removed from industrial mass-produced products.

The M A N I collection is a fusion of Nordic art and design with Italian craftsmanship, where each piece has been created by hand and heart.

When speaking about her collection, Britta says “Here is a clash of two cultures! Italian craftmenship combined with my ideas and design. No one wants computer design here.... a drawing on a paper tablecloth with a glass of wine and a long talk about what I would like is the best way to communicate the Italian way of creating art”.