Photograph of Elena Grassi by Fran Max.

Antiques should not be perceived as something to be put on a pedestal and not be touched. They should be experienced alongside every other household object, used for dining, lighting, on our desks, to display our plants, our books, to sit on, and styled alongside our contemporary art. They should be enjoyed together with our modern comforts and 21st Century technology. In a global culture with a surge of e-commerce where everything is available to everyone with one click, resulting in highly homogenised interiors, these objects are what really defines our aesthetic, what differentiates us from others, what gives our personal imprinting to our homes.
— Elena Grassi on living with antiques

elena grassi

Introducing Elena.

Born and raised European, Elena is an expert on Fine and Decorative Arts and Antiques- with a long history of specialised work in global auction houses (she was employed in the Decorative Arts department of Christie's in Milan and then the Islamic Art department in London) and thus has extensive experience and a honed talent for discerning the spectacular.

Elena uses her fine eye and extensive knowledge to import decorative antiques and arts from Europe and makes living with them accessible.