David Ray

The hand of the artist is never far from one’s consciousness when viewing the work of David Ray, which is intentionally imperfect, asymmetrical and sometimes seemingly top heavy. Also lingering in ones awareness is the nature of ceramics; usually pristinely designed and immaculately fashioned and fragile. These two opposing qualities are a reaction to the over riding influence of machines as opposed to the natural.


"The dinner service is devised as a functional object to hold food. Mine isn’t, it is instead a wild, untamed interpretation of a dinner service, servicing conversation.

The work is a series of shapes, colours and recognizable pictures that sit in the realm of recognition. We are united by a shared recognition, and individualised by our personal experiences. The pieces function as vessels within which the viewer can converse and devise their own conversation.

If I was to serve up a concise idea of what this work means, wouldn’t I be controlling independent thinking? Art is subjective – open to interpretation. What in the work is relative to you, the viewer? Which parts are understandable?

Wild changes what we know about the traditional dinner service, it is a visual bite into your imagination. "                                                           - David Ray

Congratulations David for winning the 2017 Manningham Ceramic Art Award.