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Carlo Golin, Shannon McGrath, & Geoff Nees in exhibition

A wonderful convergence of three different practices- this exhibition assembles, arranges, and presents work by three established Melburnian artists, celebrating their current oeuvres within the singular context of Franque.

The artists

Carlo Golin is a long time painter, favouring still lives - dramatic depictions of fruits piled on tables, gently glowing, slowly decaying. In more recent years he has turned his hand to collage and photography, gaining much success with a series of photographic works describing flowers at various stages of wilting. New work follows on this thread, only the subjects are a little more gritty. Documenting various man-made artefacts in their decayed state, Golin's work calls to mind themes of 'Arte Povera'- finding beauty in the ugly and seemingly worthless.

Shannon McGrath - renowned interior and architectural photographer -  has an eye for fine detail and sharp lines, as evidenced in her art practice of photography and projection in which she merges depths and plays with light, juggling perceptions of space within a single frame. McGrath will exhibit a projection piece within the Franque space for an immersive experience viewers are unwittingly active in, additionally situating her 2 dimensional photographic work within the context of a group show. 

Geoff Nees' 'works on paper' are sculptural enquiries into 2-dimensional surfaces. Incisions and hand-folding bring geometric forms into being, delicately suspending them in white negative space of a page. Nees' process, in it's precision and repetition, is architectural, and his work has been much celebrated by the architectural world- his designs translating beautifully from paper to steel. Nees was commissioned to design the façade for the Australian Pavilion for the 2005 World Expo, held in Japan. Now he brings his smaller scale pieces into Franque, to be offset by some of his more experimental work...