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Bruce Armstrong Exhibition

We are delighted to present an exhibition of the artist Bruce Armstrong’s work at Franque. Please join us on the evening of Thursday 26th October at 6pm to celebrate.

  Gaze , 1993  Oil on cedar wood

Gaze, 1993

Oil on cedar wood

Highly expressive, this exhibition describes the imaginative force that is Bruce Armstrong;  imbued with all the aggression and poignancy - honest and raw - of existence, from human to animal.

The softness of an oil pastel, wielding emotion with an intensity equal to that of the axe or chainsaw, depicts figures familiar and strange, frightening and yet somehow reassuring. The duality of nature itself, both fierce and vulnerable, is a struggle the artist conveys with simplicity which promises to ensnare the viewer. How Armstrong can pierce the soul through the positioning of a black circle for an eye, is a seductive mystery we can only marvel at.

As the artist enters the third stage of life, we’re more than pleased to be the first gallery to show largely the 2-dimensional work he is now enjoying producing.

Bruce Armstrong on drawing: “It is a supreme form… What comes out from the drawings, is what would never come out from the paintings. It’s much more a window to a soul than painting or sculpture is.”

  Sad,  1997  Charcoal on paper

Sad, 1997

Charcoal on paper

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