Anna Kelly cooks lamb in the Sculpture Garden at Franque *Postponed until further notice

Meet Anna Kelly. 

Combining her passions of farming, livestock, meat retail and people, Anna brings lamb brand Plains Paddock straight to your plates. The business started in 2007 as the "Big" drought was drawing towards a close. Anna left her self started horticultural company in Melbourne and headed back to the family farm. With not many environmentally sensible farming options left, Anna chose a very suitable breed of sheep, the Dorper, and started her small lamb business. 

Welfare of her animals is the number one priority and Anna goes to great lengths to ensure that her sheep receive the best possible care from the day they are born. Low stress stock handling techniques and not resorting to use of sheep dogs or long journeys in trucks are some of the practises Anna has in place.

On the menu.

Spit roasted Autumn lamb with salsa verde, served with a mixed green and farro salad, and a spit roast pumpkin, rocket, goats curd and slivered almond salad prepared by Curator Leesa O'Reilly. 

A complimentary glass of wine and free flowing Capi sparkling water included.
$75 per person.

To book, email or call Leesa on 0407 696 372 for all bookings or book online via

No alterations to the menu.
Apologies in advance, we do not serve tea or coffee