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David Ray Exhibition 'Wild: Contemporary Antiques'

Melbourne ceramic artist David Ray's sculptures trespass the border between beauty and ugliness; riff on traditional notions of decorative ceramic design and entwine with political references to produce fantastical and wondrous creations, imperfect and top-heavy, and moulded directly by the [sub]consciousness of the artist.  

The dinner set is devised as a functional object to hold food. Mine isn’t, it is instead a wild untamed interpretation of a dinner set, to service conversation.

The work is a series of shapes colours and recognizable picture that sit in the realm of recognition. It’s through mutual recognition we can subject our thoughts and ideas. The work can be used as fact with in which the viewer can converse and devise their own conversation.

If I was to serve up concise idea of what this work means, wouldn’t I be controlling independent thinking. Art is subjective - it shouldn’t matter what my words mean to you, you are free too intemperate the works for yourself.
What can you see? What is it about the work that relates to your own experiences? Which parts are understandable?

The idea of wild is for the viewer to experience something beyond what they know. Work that visually bites into your brain and makes you think. Subject the work to your own interpretation.
— David Ray