Greg Wood Exhibition: Liminal Highways opens at Franque
6:00 pm18:00

Greg Wood Exhibition: Liminal Highways opens at Franque

Liminal Highways by Greg Wood

Please join us to celebrate the opening of Greg Wood's latest body of work at Franque from 6.00-8.00pm Thursday 20th July

Beyond the tele-visual car windscreen expands a space less explored in modern transit. Liminal Highways deliberately focuses on the in-between and less often considered spaces that go passed by and only momentarily noticed. Wood documents the almost immediately disappearing scenes that in our haste to arrive at our destination, we don’t see. Gaps opening to distant sea views, just as quickly closed by dense green and back again to seemingly endless open fields of rich dry grass; Cyprus windbreaks and winding driveways. Wood then reverts to the studio to paint these images and manifest further layers of spatial explorations through his contemplative studio work. Liminal Highways offers up visions of Victorian landscapes as glimpsed from the road travelled, requesting a closer and finer engagement with space and what lies in-between.   

Download catalogue here.

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Marnie Haddad curated by Franque, exhibition opening.
3:00 pm15:00

Marnie Haddad curated by Franque, exhibition opening.

Join us to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of Marnie Haddad's work curated by Franque.

Marnie Haddad’s settings explore illumination through a constant light source and utilise grain to enhance the surroundings and mood. A exploration of colour and extravagant environment, Marnie’s carefully created scenes reflect a deep love for classic film, from romantic undercurrents to cinematic staging.

Master portrait painters and films great directors are the creative idols of photographer Marnie Haddad- the rich, atmospheric influence, combined with a passion for colour and technical precision form the signature of her work. 

Haddad’s renaissance palette remains truly contemporary. The artist conquers the marriage of subject and set, fearless of colour and composition. She explores the moment- brave but truthful.

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David Ray Exhibition 'Wild: Contemporary Antiques'
6:00 pm18:00

David Ray Exhibition 'Wild: Contemporary Antiques'

Melbourne ceramic artist David Ray's sculptures trespass the border between beauty and ugliness; riff on traditional notions of decorative ceramic design and entwine with political references to produce fantastical and wondrous creations, imperfect and top-heavy, and moulded directly by the [sub]consciousness of the artist.  

The dinner set is devised as a functional object to hold food. Mine isn’t, it is instead a wild untamed interpretation of a dinner set, to service conversation.

The work is a series of shapes colours and recognizable picture that sit in the realm of recognition. It’s through mutual recognition we can subject our thoughts and ideas. The work can be used as fact with in which the viewer can converse and devise their own conversation.

If I was to serve up concise idea of what this work means, wouldn’t I be controlling independent thinking. Art is subjective - it shouldn’t matter what my words mean to you, you are free too intemperate the works for yourself.
What can you see? What is it about the work that relates to your own experiences? Which parts are understandable?

The idea of wild is for the viewer to experience something beyond what they know. Work that visually bites into your brain and makes you think. Subject the work to your own interpretation.
— David Ray
Shop [Santa Maria Novella] 'til You Drop
4:00 pm16:00

Shop [Santa Maria Novella] 'til You Drop

Join us at Franque for a rosé to celebrate Santa Maria Novella’s new product, a signature Rose & Gardenia scent, and to source the perfect Mothers’ Day present.

In the spirit of the occasion we are offering a gift with purchase.

Art & Wine: Peter Healy with Bruce Armstrong and Peter D. Cole
6:00 pm18:00

Art & Wine: Peter Healy with Bruce Armstrong and Peter D. Cole

Prominent Melbourne artists Bruce Armstrong and Peter D. Cole spend an evening with established sommelier Peter Healy, divine art through wine, and discuss their respective disciplines.

Join us at Franque and be part of what will undoubtedly be a fascinating conversation and a chance to share an intimate space with some truly inspiring figures.

Bruce Armstrong is one of Australia’s most acclaimed sculptors. Melbourne-based Armstrong is best-known for his monumental totemic figures which can be seen in public spaces around the country. 

Peter D Cole is based in the Kyneton District of Victoria, where he has established himself as one of Australia’s senior and most renowned contemporary sculptors, drawing on the landscape as a source of inspiration. 

Peter Healy is one of only a hand full of Australians to be internationally accredited as a Sommelier. Peter is well known for the easy to understand, colourful descriptions and wine language he has all of his own.

Tickets are $55 per person and include wine and cheese. 

Buy Tickets here or call 03 9827 9940. 

[Please Don’t Tell Me] WHAT TO WEAR, with Material By Product
6:30 pm18:30

[Please Don’t Tell Me] WHAT TO WEAR, with Material By Product

  • Franque

[Please Don’t Tell Me]


A worldly discussion about women’s dressing

Tuesday 21 March, 2017, 6:30-8:30pm at the Franque Salon

Joined by a distinguished panel of professionals, we discuss dress codes for women in a world where a female minister makes headlines when she wears shorts to a meeting; where a woman cannot wear a burqa on a beach; where a brand can make a billion dollars out of black leggings; and some still see women wearing trousers as nothing less than sinful.


Robyn Baillieu, Non-Executive Director

Katherine Brazenor, Barrister

Susan Cohn, Designer, Director, Workshop 3000, Artist Trustee, NGV

Virginia Dowzer, Stylist

Gulliver Giles, Sales Director, The 8 Percent

Annemarie Kiely, Melbourne Editor, Vogue Living, Director, ACCA

Megan Quinn, Co-Founder, Net-A-Porter, Company Director

Fiona Scanlan, Creative Director at Large


CHAIRED by Jonathan Wilkinson, Barrister

HOSTED by FRANQUE Founder Sarah Hook & MATERIALBYPRODUCT Founder Susan Dimasi

This is a free event. Bookings essential via TryBooking

WHEN | Tuesday 21 March, 6.30-8.30pm

WHERE | Franque, 597 Malvern Road, Toorak


Be refreshed with drinks, food, fashion, flowers, debate and conversation.



Santa Maria Novella is proud to present an Evening of Opera
6:00 pm18:00

Santa Maria Novella is proud to present an Evening of Opera

Join us for an evening of opera featuring the mesmerising soprano Michelle Buscemi and baritone Mattia Campetti in the intimate and opulent setting of Franque.

St Louis crystal filled with Santa Maria Novella and Capi cocktails will be served as you are treated to the sonic beauty that is the Lucca Opera Festival.

Limited tickets available for $80 per person. 


Franque 597 Malvern rd, Toorak, VIC 3142.


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