In 1768, in Saint-Yrieix-La-Perche, a few dozen kilometers from Limoges, a woman discovered a very malleable type of white clay and decided to use it to bleach grease spots from her household linens. Later, experts would identify it as kaolin, one of the four ingredients used to make porcelain, along with feldspar powder, quartz and water. The Chinese had already been using kaolin for centuries to make porcelain that was remarkably robust, yet delicate with its own iridescent transparency. The saga of Limoges porcelain, in which the Manufacture Royale featured prominently, began in 1774. This was the historical and geographic context in which Bernardaud’s industrial adventure unfolded.

"For more than 150 years, the company bearing my family’s name has been synonymous with Limoges porcelain. Over the generations, Bernardaud has grown into a major player on the French luxury and international decorative arts scene.

Porcelain has been used for millennia, but it still detains properties and applications whose potential has never been fully explored. In this quest I have been fortunate; I have been able to build on the legacy of my predecessors and on the two-pronged approach that is the signature of our house: drawing from the traditions of a heritage craft, we seek to innovate and march to the beat of our own drum.

This modus operandi is governed by the values of our family company which permeate our thinking and our entire approach to business.

At Bernardaud we are all very proud to contribute the best of ourselves and keep up our ongoing quest for excellence."                                                -Michel Bernardaud

Franque's collection of bernardaud porcelain


ECUME dinner Plate 26cm

Subtle effects within the material, masterful glazing work, the hollow engraving of Ecume makes for a contemporary and poetic collection that produces a highly elegant and modern table setting. $91 per piece.

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.


Nineteenth century illustrations of a Mumbai garden that no longer exist were used to create this pattern of flowers and foliage.

The original compositions of different serving pieces and the diversity of watercolours allow this collection to coordinate with modern decoration, natural and classic.

jardin indien salad plate 21cm

Can be used for appetizers, salad and as a cheese plate. $96 per piece.

Héloïse Rim Soup Plate

The Héloïse model exemplifies a type of French dinner service bearing accurate botanical representations that was produced in the 19th century by major porcelain houses. For this model, Bernardaud chose to set delicate, natural-looking daisies in subtle hues on a field of satiny gold, for a floral look that is at once vibrant and timeless. $441 per piece.


ecume rim soup bowl 23cm

Subtle effects within the material, masterful glazing work, the hollow engraving of Ecume makes for a contemporary and poetic collection that produces a highly elegant and modern table setting. $91 per piece

For a more formal use than a coupe soup, it can be used to serve broth or appetizers.

jardin indien soup plate 19.5cm

Can be used for a simple salad or for a fruit cobbler. $105 per piece.

jardin indien high salad bowl 27cm

$628 per piece.

Héloïse Salad Plate

$419 per piece.


poisson d'or set of 6 assorted dinner plates 26cm

Jacques Bernardaud had been in charge of the artistic direction of the company since the 1920’s. He understood how to adapt porcelain design to the changing tastes of society. In 1955, when creating “Poissons d’Or”, the geometric nature of the pattern seemed incredibly avant-garde, thus breaking away from classic motifs prevalent in the industry and answering the public’s enthusiasm for modernity. Today, the collection retains its original appeal and has become a classic in part thanks to its contrasting graphic elements and by its rounded coupe shape. $1042 set (6).

jardin indien teacup and saucer

The shape of the cup emphasises the taste and aroma of tea thanks to its thin edges while keeping it hot. $228 per set.

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